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Queen of Volunteers

Kathryn joins the City Harvest Team

Kathryn Marshall, surplus food superstar, is living proof that kindness truly is powerful. City Harvest caught up with Kathryn to chat about her time volunteering, navigating lockdown and her new role as Volunteer Engagement Manager.

How did you first get involved with City Harvest?

I first joined City Harvest as a volunteer in May 2020, having been furloughed from my job as Cabin Crew and finding I had a lot of spare time on my hands! I had heard about City Harvest and thought it sounded wonderful, although previously I never had the chance to check it out.. this was my chance! I soon became a regular volunteer, coming in for multiple shifts a week and I love it. I was amazed by the sense of community, the friendliness of the team, the drivers and the other volunteers, and the kindness that runs through the work we do. I enjoyed volunteering here so much that I was offered to become part of the team as Volunteer Engagement Manager and I haven't looked back! I can't wait to get started and show our volunteers the love and recognition they deserve.

How was lockdown for you? What were the positives you took from it?

Going through lockdown was a tough period for everyone. It was a stressful time and one that was filled with anxiety and loneliness for many. I personally was far away and isolated from my loved ones, friend and family, who are mostly based up North, where I am from. I didn't know if I was coming or going, not knowing when I would see people again, when I would work again, or if I would even have a job to get back to. However, City Harvest was the shining light of lockdown. In that time of uncertainty, it was inspiring to know that one thing was still certain- that there are always amazing people who, through it all, will give their time to help others. To feel part of a community and be surrounded by people who all have their own story and have come together to help others is an inspiration. Thanks to City Harvest, my lockdown sanity was saved!

What are you passionate about?

There are a number of things I am passionate about. I love to travel, to experience new cultures, languages and ideas. I love the outdoors... not to mention, I love food and hate waste!

However, the things I am most passionate about are helping others and doing good. There is no better feeling than knowing you have done something to make someone else's day a little brighter. This is the feeling I get from our work at City Harvest- no matter how your day has been or what you may be going through, to feel that you have helped someone else, that feeling is always priceless.

Why are you excited about your new role with volunteers? What do you have planned?

I am so excited for my new role as Volunteer Engagement Manager! This is an amazing opportunity to focus on the volunteers' experience at City Harvest and give our wonderful community of heroes the attention and recognition they deserve. Without our volunteers, City Harvest couldn't fulfil the incredible work it does. To show how much we appreciate everything they do, I have many ideas in the pipeline. I am also entirely open to hearing any thoughts and ideas of what our volunteers would like to see, so my door is always open and I will gladly see what can be done!

We are so excited to have Kathryn as part of the City Harvest team. We look forward to what is to come! If Kathryn's story has inspired you to help out, sign up to volunteer here.

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