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Our Friends: POW Food

Meal for a meal support to help keep our vans rolling

City Harvest has been working with our friends at POW Food for over a year, united by nutrition.

We started POW with a mission to supply premium sustainable, nutritious and delicious food while creating a positive impact across our value chain. Working in food we are very aware of the waste associated with catering and the food poverty on our doorstep, which is how we came across City Harvest and the wonderful work that they do.

From the start of our partnership we have worked with them in several ways; from donating nutritional, delicious meals and produce that would have otherwise have been wasted, to supporting their operations financially through our Meal for A Meal scheme that we run with all of our clients.

How and why did POW Start?

POW Food was founded by mother / daughter duo Alison and Emily Warburton in 2017. Ali, with 25 years' experience of running a catering and Events company identified a gap in the market for wellness food at work. Emily, a Certified Health Coach and Superyacht hospitality Manager joined forces with Ali to create POW Food and lead the CSR department. Believing in transparency, ethical sourcing and superior ingredients; POW Food was created with a mission to revolutionise workplace nutrition.

What were you up to pre-COVID?

Before COVID struck were predominantly catering for corporate and production / photographic Studios, and for events around London. We were also developing some of our signature products for retail.

What has been your COVID experience and how has it shaped what you do?

COVID eliminated catering for most industries overnight so we had to pivot our focus and start operating with home deliveries; delivering Larder boxes and nutritious ready meals that enabled us to continue supporting our suppliers and build a B2C arm for POW. We were lucky to have some valued support from our clients which further enabled us to produce food for NHS Keyworkers and City Harvest everyday throughout COVID. COVID brought a period of transition, lots of learning, uncertainty and challenges but the power of community became profound we are very grateful to have been able to operate as we did.

What's been the biggest lesson from your experiences under lockdown?

Adaptability and being innovative are key traits to survive through significant, overnight change in circumstances. As mentioned above - the power of community became paramount, it is essential to have close relationships with working partners across your value chain to remain resilient. We need to help each other and share resources to mitigate the negative industry impacts of a pandemic and to create new opportunities.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with City Harvest and be a part of the positive impact that they have for so many, every day. The work that they do is life changing. We are also excited to be developing a Sustainable, Nutritious Fresh to Frozen Ready Meal range for home delivery nationwide! So that’s something to look out for! :)​

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