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Our Friends - Dinner Ladies

Cooking delicious food for us to deliver to those in need

How did Dinner Ladies start?

Dinner Ladies was started by two friends who love food and dinner parties and wanted to create something special and different.

What were you up to pre-covid?

Pre-covid we were primarily event caterers working on events large and small in the UK and also our own unique supper clubs.

What has been your covid experience and how has it shaped what you do?

Our covid experience has been all about being as adaptable as possible and has pushed us to come out of our comfort zones and tackle projects and problems head on. Over night we shifted our events business to a food delivery service. Whilst engaging with our clients as much as possible we also recognised the need to support our community and immediately began fundraising for those in need as well. This progressed to a twice weekly community kitchen where we cook 400 meals a week to help vulnerable people in the area and beyond who desperately need nutritious meals to support them during the pandemic.

Who have you worked with on this project?

Lucky for us that City Harvest agreed to partner with us on the project and help us actually transport our meals to those that need it most. We have also teamed up with Dons Local Action Group who are doing incredible work sourcing ingredients for us to cook with, London Rowing Club and Fulham FC Foundation have also been a support. Read more about the project here.

What's been the biggest lesson from your experiences under lockdown?

That the relationships you build with suppliers, colleagues and other businesses are so instrumental in a crisis. Everyone who we work with has been so amazing and getting through this would be impossible without them.

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