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Our Friends - By Word of Mouth - BWOM

Top London event caterers launch home delivery

We caught up with Clare Thompson from By Word of Mouth to hear how they managed lockdown and find out about their new venture, BWOM at Home.

How did you guys choose us as your charity partner?

Our decision to partner with City Harvest at the beginning of 2020 was influenced by our ongoing efforts to develop a robust CSR policy that acknowledges the impact of our events activities on the environment and demonstrates our desire to work more conscientiously/support local communities. We did not have to look very hard to discover the absolute gem that is City Harvest, whose heroic and tireless work in redistributing surplus food to over 300 charities across London really struck a chord with the By Word of Mouth team.

BWOM Charity Canapé: No-waste tuna tartare on last night's bread with a lime gel and garnish of the day.

Sadly, with events work disappearing almost overnight due to the Covid-19 Crisis, we are currently unable to serve our two charity canapes, made from offcuts and trimmings in our kitchens and sold in support of City Harvest. We are ready and waiting to serve them at a range of corporate and private events just as soon as allowed, raising money for this fantastic charity.

How did BWOM start?

By Word of Mouth started over 35 years ago and was one of a small handful of companies that transformed the event catering industry, offering restaurant quality food along with ground-breaking levels of service, creativity and style. Steadily growing and developing over the years, By Word of Mouth has delivered many of the most spectacular and prestigious events in recent years, maintaining consistent levels of excellence and building a reputation for being a company that cares, not only about its clients but also about its staff and suppliers.

What were you up to pre-covid?

Pre Covid, we were gearing up for our busiest year ever and were excited by the incredible enthusiasm with which our two City Harvest charity canapes had been received. We were looking forward to working on events throughout the UK but also over in Ireland, in Italy and across the 60 + venues with whom we partner. So much has had to be put on hold as the crisis plays out but we are committed to coming back with the same values and ambitions and to promoting our partnership with City Harvest as a key feature of our CSR policy.

What has been your covid experience and how has it shaped what you do?

With a wealth of experience and culinary talent on our team, the Covid-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown provided us with an opportunity to harness our collective skills to diversify and create a new, pivotal business called By Word of Mouth At Home. We set our sights on bringing a fresh approach to the frozen ready-meal market with a range of genuinely premium, house-made dishes that offer convenience without compromising on quality. Ordered online and delivered to the doorstep, the range includes main dishes, sides, delicious puddings and a capsule Kids At Home range for the under tens, all made by restaurant trained chefs in our professional kitchens using the finest ingredients.

Working from our homes, we collaborated to develop the range, the packaging, the website and the logistics. Of course, City Harvest was never far from our thoughts and we offer customers the opportunity to donate to the charity when shopping with By Word of Mouth At Home.

What's been the biggest lesson from your experiences under lockdown?

There have been many lessons to learn from lockdown, not least that a lot can be achieved working remotely and holding meetings online! Using our collective skill sets to diversify into a new area of business in a few short weeks has been inspiring and seeing the passion, resilience and loyalty that runs throughout our team has been humbling. We have also learnt to take each day as it comes and, despite the fear, worry and anxiety, to believe that we will come through this crisis with positivity, having gained several new skills to put to good use. We have also all promised never again to complain about being too busy!


We are offering a 10% discount on your first food order (details are on the website)

By Word of Mouth At Home: @bwomathome

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