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Our Friends: Advent of Change

City Harvest joins the 2020 charity range sold by John Lewis

Christmas is a time to give back, and the social enterprise Advent of Change, is on a nationwide mission to raise as much awareness and funds for a host of charities, including City Harvest, through selling beautiful products this Christmas at major retail partner, John Lewis.

Born with the idea to reverse the consumerist nature of Christmas, Kristina’s Advent of Change product line diverts our attention towards the true spirit of Christmas and inspires the gift of giving. It all started with a different kind of advent calendar, showcasing charities and raising funds simultaneously as we count down the days till Christmas through acts of goodwill. You can find Kristina’s beautifully curated line for 2020 here.

City Harvest is especially proud to be included in Advent of Change’s flagship best-seller, the Premium Charity Advent Calendar. A new charity is revealed behind each of the 24 perforated doors, which each represent a £1 donation to the charity of the day and tell you how your contribution can make a real difference. Therefore, in the sole act of purchasing your calendar, you will have already made 24 individual donations and one of those will be to City Harvest, so we can help to provide as many people with food as possible this Winter.

City Harvest caught up with Kristina to find out a little more about Advent of Change, how it came into being and what the future holds.

What inspired you to start Advent of Change and when did it come into fruition?

I had the idea for Advent of Change in 2018 after spotting the astronomical rise of Advent calendars - there was everything from cheese, to chocolate, to gin and even sausage rolls but nothing charitable! I thought there could be an opportunity to create something that makes a real difference, and decided to create an advent calendar which supported a different charity each day and raised awareness for their work.

What stand out achievements or moments have you had that remind you that you are on the right path?

There have been so many wonderful moments - receiving a call from Downing Street to say the Prime Minister would like to give us an Award, receiving a video of Support from Sir Richard Branson, and walking into John Lewis to see the products on those famous shelves were amazing. The best by far however is making the donations, being able to transfer hundreds of thousands to deserving causes is a complete honour and privilege.

Tell us what is special this year…

This year, alongside our signature calendars, we’ve also created two brand new products - a beautiful scented candle, and Christmas crackers! All supporting 24 wonderful charities each.

What are your plans for the future?

We ultimately aim to become the 'go-to' gifting destination for charitable products. We want our brand to be the first place people think of for this purpose, and create a range of year-round products to consistently raise funds and awareness for charities. We are still a little way away from this, but this year we are ‘stepping into Christmas' more generally, and hope to expand on this with every launch.

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