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LOCKDOWN LOVE: Give a Virtual Food Box

We have gone pink for Lockdown 3! continuing our ongoing Virtual Food Box, we are focusing on positivity and sharing the 'lockdown love’

Sharing the Love is our focus this lockdown and our Virtual Food Boxes are a great way of giving at a time that will be particularly challenging for many. The need to give and love thy neighbour has never been stronger, but also sharing love in whatever form it takes, whether it is helping your local community or sharing your favourite Spotify playlist.

We want to hear what LOVE means to you this lockdown! Take pics, share the love, tag us on Instagram. @cityharvestlondon  #cityharvestlockdownlove

As our third lockdown is underway, we are all overly familiar with what that can mean. In a time that can be anxiety-inducing, City Harvest is championing positivity through love.

For us, love is food. Food brings people together, so much so that the word companionship derives from the Latin ‘com’ and ‘panis’ which translate respectively to ‘with’ and ‘bread’, implying the age-old idea that food unites us. Even though this might mean at a 2-metre distance right now, food continues to bring Londoners together and we are going to keep our vans rolling to ensure the love does not cease.

The Need is Greater than Ever - but so are the Hearts of Londoners

Whilst we continue to address the most vulnerable in our society and give a lifeline through City Harvest food, hundreds of thousands are still in need of our help. Covid-19 has exacerbated the pre-existing food-insecurity that London experiences daily. To help tackle this, the best we can all do is give a bit of ‘Lockdown Love’. By donating a Virtual Food Box, you can help us to feed London at an even larger scale this year. These Virtual Food Boxes will not only nourish the food-insecure by redistributing fresh, healthy food, but act as a tool to battle the loneliness and social isolation that many Londoners face during Covid-19 and beyond.

Love is… food, family, friends, laughter, music, writing, reading, sharing, and caring for those around you.

This lockdown, let's celebrate love and allow ourselves to see the beauty in everything, large or small, to raise London's spirit which stands undiminished by Covid-19.

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