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IGTV Zerowaste Cooking Class with Ellie Croissant

sponsored by Londons Best in support of City Harvest

The class will be on @londonsbest at 10:30am live Friday 24 April. Join us for an hour of fun!

Ellie is London based filmmaker with a passion for delicious things, who believes everyone deserves to be able to get the food they need. When I’m not filming or baking, you’ll find me chatting to other food-lovers over pastries and good coffee!

Introducing Ellie

Y’all know I’m super hot on food waste - when I lived with friends, I was always that housemate fishing carrots and bananas out of the bin, and declaring them ‘perfectly good’! And if ever end up with more food than I can eat myself, I’ll make sure I give it to someone who can. This is also what City Harvest do - they’re a charity who collect surplus food from all areas of the food industry, and redistribute it to organisations that are helping London’s most vulnerable people, and NHS workers on the front line- and right now they need your donations more than ever.

Join me in helping them keep their wheels rolling by donating to their emergency funding appeal- just £50,000 can keep their vans rolling for the next five weeks, and make sure that London’s food is getting to those who need it. Head to my stories for the link, and to learn more about what this amazing organisation is doing.

Closer to home, I’ve been seeing what else I can do to use up every last little scrap in my kitchen- like this vegetable peel pie! A shortcrust pastry base topped with goats cheese and mixed veg peelings (I used carrot, parsnip, beetroot, aubergine and courgette), baked to golden, cheesy perfection. What are your favourite tips to use up waste food at home?

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