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Celebrating the Power of Kindness

18 Sept - 16 Oct 2020

In the true spirit of Harvest Festival - City Harvest Festival celebrates kind people doing powerful things with food. Reaching out to our incredible supporters, friends, and partners who have supported us over the last 6 years, we ask you to Be Kind and give a 'Virtual Food Box'.

2020 saw us grow in line with London's need - but there is so much work to do - we would love you to join our campaign & help us feed London. We proudly present our 'Kindness is Powerful' series with you, celebrating just a few, of the 300 +, charity groups we work with.

Laura Winningham, CEO of City Harvest London

"City Harvest gives thanks on a daily basis for your generous donations, it's what keeps our 15 vans rolling and our team working relentlessly to redistribute food to over 300 charities, food that would otherwise be wasted.

As you, your friends, family, and colleagues donate Virtual Food Boxes during this Harvest Festival we will together feed thousands of people.

To join in the spirit of the harvest season, I hope you enjoy reading the incredible stories and viewing the free open-air exhibition in Portman Square Garden over the Harvest Festival weekend, all part of our 'Kindness is Powerful’ series."

Kindness is Powerful

'Kindness is Powerful' series is a collection of photographs & stories celebrating the kindness of helping one another & the powerful solutions food provides to social problems.


City Harvest worked with photographer, and leader at Ealing Soup Kitchen, Andrew McLeay to capture the kindness of people who use our food to feed those in need.


City Harvest vans deliver free food to over 300 charities helping those facing food-poverty every day.



Part of Baker Street Quarter event

'Autumn Graze' is a celebration of local restaurants serving food & drinks outdoors in Portman Square Garden, Marylebone, W1.


22 - 24 September 2020

12pm - 8.30pm

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