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Charity Spotlight: Burgess Sports/Tiger Club House

City Harvest Helps Feed Hungry Children

Tiger Club House/Burgess sports has been running since 2011. Amazing chef, Franco, turns food delivered into delicious meals for their after-school programme and holiday hunger scheme.

Based in one of the most deprived areas in London, they offer hot meals to all participants to support families with the lack of food during the holidays.

  • The project feeds around 50 families
  • Distributing 450 meals a week
  • 125 children benefiting from the donations

We recently caught up with Franco to find out about the amazing work he has been doing since the pandemic struck.

How does the food from City Harvest help?

With the contribution of vegetables and fruit we cut our costs and can cook more varied and nutritious meals with fresh ingredients.

Without City Harvest we would be able to continue but we would have much less food to offer to our local community. When City Harvest was not able to deliver, we managed to outsource and had to get extra funding to cover the cost. Thankfully, City Harvest is now able to deliver and it helps us offer more variety to families.

How do the people you help benefit?

We are based in one of the most deprived areas in London, we offer hot meals to all our participants to support families with the lack of food during the holidays and throughout the Covid crisis.

The needs of low-income neighbourhoods has changed during the pandemic and therefore the role and function of Burgess Sports has changed too. In many instances, Burgess Sports has expanded from supporting young people to supporting entire families to respond to their needs.

For the past 12 weeks I have cooked around 3,600 meals for vulnerable people, it has been a challenge. We have received great feedback from people and some of the comments are;

“I know when Monday comes around I have one less thing to worry about”​

"I'm so thankful for these meals. I get really excited about it every week. It's always such high quality, and it's great there's a vegetarian option. Thank you so much"​

How have you seen the need for food increase since lockdown? What affects is social distancing having on attendees?

The lockdown has enormously increased the need for food, children are not at school and lots of people have lost their jobs and prices have gone up.

We are able to deliver food but unable to deliver our sports programme. However, we keep the participants very active with our online programme.

Who uses your charity and who benefits from the food you provide?

The majority are Aylesbury Estate residents, but we have received other referrals of vulnerable families from partner organisations and the council.

What are the most common issues people have at your charity? How do you help them?

The most common issues are linked to poverty and we use the sports as a social integration tool, alongside the provision of healthy food and cooking workshops.

How does the food we deliver help your charity?

The food provided by City Harvest allow us to give better and more food to our participants in all our programmes, introducing more vegetable and fruit to the healthy pack lunch, and encourages the community to eat more healthily.

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