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Wonderful to eat fruit again.

City Harvest London food helps Abbey Centre serve its community

We recently spoke with Caz Gandy-Brown, the Volunteer and Rough Sleepers Project Coordinator at the Abbey Community Centre to discuss the impact City Harvest has on our community partners. The Centre Provides 2 hot meals each week for homeless & vulnerably housed people living in Westminster.

Our hearts were warmed to hear that according to rough sleepers visiting a recent meal using our food said they felt  “We are eating like kings and queens.” That we were able to take food that otherwise would go to waste and instead make people feel special for an evening, again proves the urgent need for the food redistribution work done by City Harvest. Here are some words from Caz:

"We here at the Abbey Centre run 2 hot meals sessions each week for homeless people and rough sleepers in south Westminster. We feed between 30-42 people twice a week, for which we receive no funding, so we rely heavily on the amazing support of City Harvest.

The two deliveries we get from City Harvest offer us great a choice of ingredients to feed the homeless people of south Westminster. Before the partnership with City Harvest, we just offered a stew or a soup once a week, but now we are able to offer a 2 or even a 3 course meal, delivering to average of 70-80 people per week. Most of our service users are street sleepers, with some coming from hostels with no access to cooking facilities and really benefit from the food our volunteers prepare and cook for them.

The quality of the and variety of ingredients we receive is because City Harvest works with such a wide variety of partners and hospitality companies, and one of the most valuable thing to us is the fact that their delivery vans bring the food directly to us - this enables us to keep all costs to a minimum and allows our staff and volunteers to focus on cooking and serving the food, and spending time with our service users."

Some of the comments from Abbey Centre's service users are:

“We are so grateful for the food.”

“Please say thank you.”

“how wonderful it is to eat fruit like this again” this one melts my heart.

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