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Vauxhall Vivaros to the Rescue

a partnership that makes a difference

Almost a year ago, 3 local Vauxhall retailers made a commitment to use their resources to fight the dual problems of hunger and waste London. One year on Tony Levoi, Go Vauxhall, and Now Vauxhall have made a tremendous local impact on feeding thousands of the City's most vulnerable.

Two refrigerated Vauxhall Vivaro vans were donated to be used 7 days a week to rescue surplus from all segments of the food industry and transport it to organisations that serve meals to the hungry and homeless.

In addition to the vans, teams of employees from these businesses regularly volunteer with City Harvest London where they often help distribute half a tonne of food to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, children's programs and other community organisations that use our food to help those facing great need. By committing time regularly to City Harvest, they are becoming more closely aligned with the work we do and regularly bring new ideas when they visit.

As part of the partnership, Tony Levoi’s managing director, Simon Dayes, recently rolled up his sleeves and volunteered with the charity for the day assisting the charity’s collection and delivery team. This not only saw Simon help on the ground, but also share his insight on best practise in group-coordinated efficiency.


Simon was so inspired by his experience that he wanted to do more to help the charity and as such has committed to providing a number of volunteers to the charity on an ongoing basis. Staff at the dealerships in Romford and Lakeside will give up their time to do what they can for the charity and volunteer at City Harvest London on the first Friday of every month.


Reflecting on his day of voluntary work, Simon commented: “It was a really eye-opening experience, and it has driven me to commit Tony Levoi’s resources to the efforts of City Harvest London. Not only is it a deserving cause, but it’s an almighty undertaking to efficiently connect donors to their recipient partners. So, we thought donating two of our Vivaro vans was the least that we could do to support the activity of this outstanding charity.”

“We’re delighted to have developed a partnership with City Harvest London, and I’m very much looking forward to volunteering with the charity again with my wife, Leah.”

City Harvest is extremely grateful for Vauxhall's generous donations and the team’s willingness to support us to help raise awareness of the challenges posed by food waste.

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