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S is for Surplus: Soups, Smoothies and Snacks

S is for Surplus: Soups, Smoothies and Snacks

Need advice on how to make use of your leftovers? Got bits of surplus food but not sure how to embrace them or make something delicious? We’ve got a few ideas, and they all start with s.

Smoothies are the simplest food – just chuck into a blender and whizz. They’re such a great way to use up fresh fruit and veg that’s overripe or starting to go off. Did you hear me say veg? That’s right, you can disguise your greens amongst yummy fruit and berries. Kale, cucumber, courgette, spinach… drop in a handful and they’ll be invisible. Trust me – you won’t even know they’re there. Good news – smoothies are also a nutritious boost for your body (especially if you use any leftover greens), and they make an ideal quick breakfast.

Next up is soup. Classic, easy and warming for the winter months. What’s not to love? You can cook up almost any kind – celeriac and apple, carrot and coriander, veggie broth, peas and broccoli, beans and parsnip, creamy tomato. Soup is your oyster.

You can even use any peelings or odds and ends from things like celery or beetroot, as well as leftover lentils or chunks of chicken from a roast.

Our final surplus suggestion is snacks. Most pre-packaged snacks in supermarkets are processed and full of sugar. But it’s possible to make your own healthier snacks using bits and pieces from other cooking (a win win situation). For example, if you make your own almond milk you’re then left with loads of nut pulp. It seems crazy to throw this away or waste it as there are nutrients in it. The answer? Make energy bites.

Similarly, you can combine nuts and seeds with carrot gratings and a few raisins to create cake-style bites. Other ideas? Add some cocoa powder to make a chocolatey nibble. Energy bites are so easy because you don’t even have to bake or cook them – you just whizz them up and roll them into balls or stick them in the freezer for a few minutes to set.

by Tasha Gartside

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