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Provocative Porcelain - 2019 Best Charity Gift  


10% of sales to City Harvest London to help fight food poverty

10% of sales to City Harvest London to help fight food poverty

Wondering what to buy a friend? Don't want to waste money on something they won't appreciate?

Problem solved!

'Stop Food Waste' is the inaugural collection of six 10" dinner plates for new concept
by Big Tomato Company "Provocative Porcelain".

How hungry are you dinner plate by Yue Pan aims to remind people to consider the portion they require for a meal, in order to reduce food waste from over-taking and over-cooking.

Gloria from The Big Tomato Company commented, 'We are delighted to welcome City Harvest London as our charitable partner and will be donating 10% of each sale to their incredibly important work.'


'Stop Food Waste' is our first Provocative Porcelain Collection undertaken with The Camberwell College of Arts 3rd Year illustration students.

Their designs were undertaken to consider the global challenge of food waste and to encourage citizens, business and government to pursue vigorous efforts in helping to reduce food waste.

"As global citizens the individual steps we take, make a difference. We disagree entirely with the Theresa May dictum of 2016 - “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.” We are citizens of Planet Earth and we know we can make a difference." Gloria Daniel

Make a difference, with a gift that gives back.

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