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Our Fruitful collaboration that’s about so much more than smoothies

The Fruitful Project might just be City Harvest's sunniest collaboration.

Clare Twine, Fruitful Project Co-ordinator keeps her adult students with learning disabilities busy with dreaming up new ideas for juice flavours and designs for merchandise. At Fruitful, Clare helps everyone in the programme to achieve their potential. There are currently 13 students learning to handle food safely, make amazing fresh juices, market their products, communicate well with customers, wear neat uniforms and work well as part of a team.

City Harvest have a regular Monday drop off at the base in Maida Vale. “It's always exciting,” says Clare “because we don't know what will be on the van. As soon as we've unpacked, we start dreaming up ways to use the fruit and veg.” Based around seasonality, the flavours these students create often depend on what is delivered every week by City Harvest.Names are important. 'Blood (Orange) Sweat and Tears' was a sell out when Fruitful popped up at a Fitness First gym. Second only to 'Keep Calm and Carrot on'. A bigger pop up at City Hall produced two flavours 'The Pear of London' (a nod to Sadiq Khan Mayor of London) and 'Fruiting Broadway' his home town (Tooting Broadway).

Without organisations like City Harvest we couldn't run Fruitful which has given the students so much confidence. Over the year they have become a supportive group - developing initiative and skills which weren't obvious when they started with us.”

Fruitful popups are available for corporate events and business venues. The juice is served from kilner jars and sold in two sizes of eco-friendly cups.

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