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Neighbours Helping Neighbours at City Harvest

What really makes City Harvest different is that our team works and makes a difference in their own London communities. Our drivers are filled with passion because they have experienced the need for food themselves and continue to see friends and acquaintances in their own communities who face adversity and benefit so much from the food we deliver. One of our new drivers, Eileen, tells us in her own words what fuels her to get more food to more people each week.

“I was so surprised on a Saturday morning when I was dropping off at Acton Homeless Concern and I saw a friend of mine who obviously is homeless helping out, but also going in for her lunch. It was sad, it was so sad to see because I knew her years ago when she was another mother at school drop-off, she was working and had a home of her own. To see her in that situation, it really broke my heart.”

Each of our drivers has been in this situation, seeing people they know in the community who for various reasons—health issues, relationships failing, job redundancies—need to seek a meal in one of the hundreds of community organisations that help those in need. They’re aware that many of these people were once able to purchase their own nutritious healthy food and that City Harvest deliveries to neighbourhood meal programmes give them a chance to still eat excellent food with dignity, regain their strength and get back on their feet.

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