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Morrisons: Happy that food is going to a good cause

Morrisons Supermarket are a British institution, the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. They are also a great partner to City Harvest, not only donating money to our cause, but also donating surplus food from some of their stores that might otherwise end up in landfill.

City Harvest Head of Community Development, Tay Motl, caught up with Marie and Doug who work at the Sutton store and asked them their thoughts on the work they do donating food to City Harvest.

Doug, who works in the warehouse and Marie who works in the fresh department, aren’t designated to help us out, but they both have a passion for fighting food waste so take it upon themselves to do so as part of their busy day.

I asked them what they knew about Morrisons sustainability. Marie said "I do know that we have our own farms and food producers, so there is a direct link between the food being grown and the end product. That is important to Morrisons."

I wanted to know how they began donating to City Harvest. Marie told me, "We were looking for a charity to come and collect our surplus, we had a few charities that came a few times then didn't come back. Our community champion found City Harvest's number and gave you a call". Doug added, "That was over a year ago now".

I asked Marie if the whole store were behind donating the food to charity. She told me, "The staff are happy to know the food is going to a good cause. We chivvy them along and 'say come on, it's for charity' and then people are happy to help as no-one likes to see food going to waste." Doug suggested "I don't know if you are open over Christmas but that's when you should come, the week after Christmas, we have so much stuff as we never know quite what we are going to sell or not. We have a lot of pre-packaged vegetables. We couldn't find anyone to collect the food last year as people want time off but that’s a good time for City Harvest to come".

I asked them what a typical donation looks like, they told me "We never know what we are going to have for you but typically it will be fruit and vegetables that we pull of the shelf, dairy like cheese and yoghurts, eggs, frozen ready meals or meat, packets that are a bit squashed and things like that"

Marie and Doug both told me that supporting charities is important to them. It is essential that City Harvest London have dedicated, enthusiastic people like them at the stores from which we collect, who can champion our cause and get other staff members in their store interested in putting surplus food aside for us. Without people like them, City Harvest wouldn't be able to fulfill our part of the process of getting food to hungry people who need it. For that we thank Marie, Doug, and the entire Morrisons team for working with us and supporting us!

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