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Good Soul Music and Great Food For All

Each weekday from 12 noon to 3pm in Brixton, doors are open at the Food and Shade Project which helps the community nourish body and soul. More than 200 individuals facing adversity, drop in for a healthy meal and companionship weekly. For many, this is their most nourishing meal of the day and their only way to combat social isolation. Rukky Ayi, the manager of this project which is important to so many each day, has been operating the meals since 2013 as part of the Winners Assembly Parish on Brixton Road.

According to Rukky “It provides a place to eat lunch free of charge while staying in a warm and cosy environment from the cold. Good soul music is provided and our volunteers are on hand to listen to everyone who wishes to talk. The environment is equally very good for you to make friends as about 200 people pass through the centre every week”.

City Harvest drivers can attest to the great soul music playing, the warm environment provided and are proud to be delivering the food that Rukky uses to prepare meals for the homeless, the needy and people who are struggling with drugs and alcohol. They have become extremely fond of Rukky and his team and regularly drop off food from donors such as Morrisons, Whole Foods and Nando’s. Rukky welcomes these deliveries and says “City Harvest London has been a great partner and supporter of our projects, we get regular supply of foods and other valuable items from them weekly.”

City Harvest London also support the project’s annual BBQ in the Park by supplying the chicken and drinks needed for their BBQ. City Harvest Chairman, Stephen Winningham, who often joins Rukky at the annual summer barbecue said “I could see how Rukky brings many people experiencing hardship in the community together, and helps transform their lives. It was an honour for City Harvest to provide the surplus food for the day for the hundreds of community neighbours to share. It’s amazing that this nourishing food that could have gone to waste instead enabled people to come together and be nourished both physically and spiritually.”

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