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Food Charities Demand No-Deal Brexit Cash Grants To Stop Children Going Hungry

Amber Rudd and Michael Gove told national hardship fund needed to deal with price spikes.

City Harvest sat down with FoodCycle, FareShare, The Felix Project, Sustain: The Alliance For Better Food And Farming, The Trussell Trust and Independent Food Aid Network to help people facing food poverty secure a stable future with a looming #noBrexit.

Below is the letter we sent to Amber Rudd and Michael Gove. We need change! You can help, send a letter to your local MP via the link at the end of this post.

"City Harvest, London's first 'last mile' food redistribution charity, delivers surplus food to those who are in desperate need. Every day is a constant reminder of how real the problem of food poverty is. Thousands of independent food aid providers are already struggling to cope with increasing levels of food insecurity. Frontline organisations do not have the capacity to cope with a reduced food supply, increased costs or a further increase in numbers of people in need. An adequate central hardship fund that would provide cash grants to those unable to afford to feed themselves and their families is a critical first step in any no-deal Brexit strategy."

You Can Help

Click the link and enter your postcode to send a letter to your local MP, we need to let the government know how important this issue is.

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