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Designs from a Perfect Day

The highly recognizable City Harvest vans traverse London each day, redistributing food, and we CONSTANTLY get great feedback on its highly recognizable graphics. Louisa at Perfect Day London had the inspiration for the designs that are viewed each day by our partners and friends. She gives us the story behind how our organisations came together, and what it means to Perfect Day London to partner with us:

“When we started working with City Harvest we were super excited about designing a logo that would reflect the diversity and positive culture at the heart of the organisation.

We started by sketching the lettering for the logo, and then combined it with a bowl shape so the words ‘City Harvest’ represents the surplus food, and ‘London’ is depicted as the bowl. We used a colour that would reflect the positivity and green credentials in what City Harvest does.”

"After designing the logo we created the van graphics (as this is where most people see the City Harvest branding) as well as printed materials, using lots of different hand written typefaces to reflect the many different businesses, charities and organisations that work together with City Harvest.

We really enjoying working with City Harvest and the team, and have been lucky enough to visit their warehouse and even take a trip out with one of the delivery vans to see how the operation works. They’re doing a fantastic job and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future."

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