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City Harvest Moves Into a New Home

A new food rescue facility for London

City Harvest has been a quiet miracle working behind the scenes in London to redistribute tonnes of surplus food from donors to hundreds of charities that serve meals in the community. Without permanent premises our fleet of vans worked wonders performing food rescue logistics for almost 3 years.

With the help of generous supporters who understood how large our potential growth trajectory was, City Harvest has signed a 5 year lease on a 3,000 square food warehouse in Acton. The space is conveniently located for our fleet of 6 vans to use as a base from which to start their daily runs across all of London. Having our own Food Rescue Facility from which to serve London has been transformational. We managed to rescue almost 400 tonnes of food without this base, we will now be able to feed so many people more each week.

We welcome visitors and volunteers -- come see our new home!

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