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City Harvest: Mountains of Pink Salt

A passionate team coordinates our logistics each day! We've spent some time with City Harvest's enthusiastic routing expert Moe Gentle, to learn about her experiences. If Moe's predictions come true, City Harvest will be making people smile across the UK! 

How did you learn about City Harvest?

I used to see bits about City Harvest on Facebook and think "aww that’s lovely there are some good people out there". I would see the odd van here and there. Then I spoke to Paula and began to learn the world of City Harvest.

What is your average day like?

Every day is a different day, you never know what is about to pop up. It could be a call about picking up a huge piece of gammon or an email asking you to pick up 5 pallets of goods… or I could be popping out in a van to do an ad hoc pick up, sorting out routes, fixing a van in some way shape or form and much more… It’s all in a day work at City Harvest, it’s so diverse and never dull.

What is the most surprising thing about City Harvest?

The way in which all of us have helped the people in need in the Grenfell Tower Block. It was so emotional yet we knew what we had to do and we did what we do best from taking food, drinks, nappies and much more to picking up some of the bits that others have donated and taking them straight to another location in order to make sure that everyone in need was catered for. I personally will forever be proud to work at City Harvest it is such a rewarding job.

Also surprising is how many people actually need us and are so happy to be involved with us. The way in which we all work together and have the same passion and drive to carry on and achieve higher. Also the volunteers we have are second to none, they never fail to amaze me in what they can achieve and will always put a smile on your face.

What’s the most unique thing you’ve seen donated to City Harvest?

The mountains of pink Himalayan salt were quite unusual!

How has City Harvest changed since you first started?

We just seem to grow and grow as in gaining more donors and recipients, we now have our first unit and I work there now.

How have you changed since being at City Harvest?

I have learnt so much, they say you learn something new every day!! I’ve learn so much about food and had not a clue as to how much waste there was in the world. Notice how I said "WAS" I like to think that we are making a BIG impact on that, in fact I know we are.

What is your favourite food?

Well this is a hard one… everyone say I’m so fussy. I think I would have to say Roast lamb and Yorkshire puddings… don’t forget the gravy!

Where do you think City Harvest will be in 10 years?

10 years…. I see us going national with lorries taking tonnes of surplus food EVERYWHERE!!! With a big team of dedicated people bringing millions of smiles on to people’s faces. AIM BIG AND ACHIEVE EVEN BIGGER.

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