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Charlie Bigham's: The ultimate comfort food

On a recent afternoon, dozens of individuals visited a West London soup kitchen where they received a delicious and nourishing meal that they might not have been able to afford. Many of these people face social isolation and seek the warmth of a community including staff, volunteers and other guests. In this quest for comfort food they couldn’t have been more pleased when they had a choice of Charlie Bigham’s Cottage Pies and delicious Bighams chicken meals. The ability to make a meal like this happen, by connecting Charlie Bigham’s surplus food with those in need, is something in which City Harvest London takes great pride.

Charlie Bigham’s, an upmarket ready meal producer, is a founding partner of City Harvest London, offering both food donations and support for our fleet of food rescue vans. The company has experienced fast growth yet commitment to the community remains an inherent part of its philosophy.

It is inevitable in the food industry that there will be surplus generated in the production process but consumers are eager to support those firms that use their unused food wisely and re-direct it to those facing hardship in their local areas. Charlie Bigham’s, partnering with City Harvest London, is a stellar example of a business doing just this!

According to Jessica Felton-Page “Charlie Bigham’s are proud supporters of City Harvest. Reducing food waste is important to us and it’s great to know that our surplus goes towards helping those in need.”

On a recent visit to a women’s domestic violence refuge we were told how welcome these top-end ready meals were to people in dire circumstances. Women often arrive in this safe house accompanied by children late at night with virtually no possessions. Many, escaping dangerous partners, fear for their lives. The staff encourages these individuals to settle down and warms up the Bigham’s ready meals such as as cottage pies, fish pies, curries and lasagna. Essentially a home cooked meal in a time of crisis ensures a welcome moment of peace for these women and children.

Results like this inspire the City Harvest team each day and solidify our relationships with dedicated food businesses like Charlie Bigham's. Together the difference we make is enormous and heart-warming.

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