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Becoming Part of Londons Fabric

City Harvest's role in making the city more sustainable

Each day City Harvest helps to make London a more sustainable city. We aspire to have every retailer, business, and event organiser automatically turn to City Harvest whenever there is food that might otherwise go to waste. It makes so much sense to get edible but unused food to those who need it most and we are seeing a rapid behaviour change amongst potential food donors. It's really exciting that each week we get more embedded in the minds of food donors and are included in advanced planning.

We will be picking up surplus from the iconic Chelsea Flower show this weekend as well as from an event at Lord's Cricket Ground. The famous Pinewood Studios is a source of food for us, with food that might go to waste on film sets of international production companies now being directed to City Harvest. We are thrilled to be at the cutting edge of making London a Zero Waste city. It's exciting to watch the transformation that's happened in the few short years since we were founded. But there's so much more to do and we thank, in advance, all our supporters who are helping us be at the epicentre of change that helps both people and planet.

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